Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Getting Real

Well, I apparently have just begun my first blog, and you are the lucky ones to be reading it. I was asked by my instructed to begin blogging.
What do I write about? Who will read it? Anyway, off the top of my head..

My day today started by setting off the school alarm attempting to get in early to set up sub plans so I could do my civic duty and perform Jury service. After that, I had every intention of meeting a friend at Dennys to benefit from thier Free Grand Slam deal. However, because I was late (due to the alarm and sub plans), the line wrapped around the building. Instead we went and paid for breakfast at IHOP (food was better anyway). Went to Jury service.. they released us at 10:00 but told us to be back by 1:30. I figured this was the perfect opportunity to drive 50 miles to Tehachapi to take care of paperwork on my new house. Very uneventful. I drove, I arrived, I received, I left, I drove back.

All it time to be back to the courthouse by 1:30. Then at 2:30 they told us we were done! No jury, just a day to watch and wonder about the thoughts of other Jurors. Can say I was a little disappointed I did not even get to see a courtroom. The case was settled... darn lawyers. I could tell that others had a little disappointment as well. Sure, we all were happy to leave and get on with our lives, but the absence of that posibility to serve our community leaves me feeling unfulfilled. Duty done for the year. At least I went, and didn't ignore the summonds like most people do. Today the clerk told us that over 25 jurors did not appear today.

O'well back to work tomorrow.

Hows that for a first blog? I guess next time I will do less summarizing and more reflecting. :)


  1. Mechelle,
    I can relate to Jury duty. I had to go for a week and I realized after that experience, I definitely don't want to be on the defendants side of the court room. Talk about every walk of life in the jury.

  2. Hi Mechelle,
    I think I'm going to get off weebly and start my own blog on blogspot.com too. I can relate to jury duty. I had to go for a week and after that experience, I definitely don't want want to be on the defendants side of the court room. There was every walk of life in the jury room and it kinda scared me that my freedom one day might depend on them. I guess not getting into a bad situation is the best way to go. See ya.


  3. Hi Mechelle,
    Good for you doing your civic duty! No doubt, you will get another shot at serving ... The last time I was called the case settled ... plea bargains look better and better when the defendat sees those jurors sworn in ...

  4. I had to laugh at your day...because if you really think about it, most days are probably like that. You're a mover and a shaker and with that comes a pretty big plate!

    Setting off the alarm...now that's something I would do.

    Maybe you could blog about the new house and all that goes into moving! Rather you than me.