Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Travels

Well my summer began right away. School ended Friday and I was on the road on Sunday! I drove to Boise (dropped of my stepson) and made my way up to Coeur D' Alene Idaho to visit with my older sister's family.

Kaila my 18 year old neice just graduated and my two nephews are sophmores in high school. It is so great to spend time with them. Too bad some of it is just watching me in class.

This is a picture of my sister's back yard from the deck. The weather has been great, and there is nothing like family to really make you laugh and enjoy life!

I have been here since Monday and I am leaving tomorrow. I miss them already!

All moved in!

Yes, we have moved in and love the new home. We don't have much furniture yet.

I love my new neighbors! They are really great people.

Noticing now... all the trees are slanted. The wind is just terrible out there, but when it is nice... it is really nice.

The drive out of town is not bad at all.
Looking forward to the decorating after returning from my summer break.